26 Riddles to Guess Who Is Less Smart

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Long working hours tire all of us out. We all need to take a break sometimes, and even a simple puzzle can help us relax and train our brains to work more effectively. So it's time for more riddles, the parents’ edition! There are three categories of questions: easy, which award one point each, average for two points, and hard for three points. We’ll start with the easy ones.

If you get 25 points or less, you scored below average. But don’t worry. Check some of our other riddles to train for the next time. If you get from 26 to 45, you have an average result. Keep it up! If you get between 46 to60 points, you have an above average result and you definitely are a riddles master. And, finally, if you have 61or more, you’re a real genius!



Easy questions 0:17
Harder questions 2:55
The hardest questions 9:06

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