Alphabay (Dark Web) Watford Man Found Guilty Of Purchasing Grenades & Explosives From FBI

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A convicted fraudster who once stole a Saudi Sheikh's Rolls-Royce has been found guilty of trying to buy grenades from an undercover FBI officer on the dark web.
Mohammed Humza, 29, from Watford, did not turn up for his trial after apparently fleeing the country for Kashmir in Pakistan while on bail, it can be disclosed.
He had been texting an online girlfriend in Preston, Lancs up to 250 times a day, while his wife and 17-month-old twins were at home, the Old Bailey was told.
Humza was found guilty of charges under the explosives substances act after paying for two fragment grenades, and agreeing to buy two more.
He later switched his attention to buying Semtex plastic explosives, claiming that he wanted it 'for breaking a safe/vault.'
Using the login , Humza did not realise that he was actually discussing the purchase with an undercover officer from the FBI known as 'Peter Agent', the Old Bailey was told.
in March 2017, Humza was jailed for four years for stealing a Sheikh Mohammed Alibrahim's Phantom Coupe Rolls-Royce worth £97,000 after filling out a DVLA form claiming he was the new owner.
Humza drove the supercar out of the Audley Street car park in Mayfair on April 18 2015 and went on to sell it to Shaks Specialist Cars in Huddersfield for £27,500 along with a BMW and a Mercedes, before attempting the same scam on a Ferrari, an Aston Martin and a Porsche 911.
A year later he began searching on the dark web for explosives.
Discussion began on July 14 2016 when the FBI officer received a message asking: 'What's the best price you can do for 2 grenades with postage to the UK?'
The agent replied: 'We offer good price, very popular that type of grenade. $125 each.'
Humza negotiated the price down to $115 by saying he would buy two immediately and another two the following week.
A sale listing was created for a fragmentation grenade and the sale was completed at pm on August 6 when he put the funds into an escrow, a third party account. This was the evidence they needed for conviction .

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