[Among Us Song] SharaX - Impostor (Electro Swing)

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Hey gang! I wanted to turn the cute "Body Reported" chime into a full song so I did! I thought Electro Swing would definitely be a good pick for this track as well~ As for the spoken vocals, those are sampled from various older movies that I thought would work great in Among Us context. Boy do I enjoy splicing together words in rhythm! I had to find the right ones that worked together, but also wanted to them to rhyme (or at least rhymed as best they could), which was challenging since it's tricky to find phrases that hit both those requirements. It's been a year since I did something Electro Swing and was up for a fun chance to brush up on my swing skills! (‐^▽^‐)
So how's your Among Us games & what color is your fav? Mine's pink! Are you the world's greatest Impostor yet? Or do you trip up on your lies? (☆▽☆)

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