Among Us x Hamilton Song - Emergency Meeting (Animated Music Video)

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I've been addicted to Hamilton for ages, and my friend Fara wrote an Among Us version for 'Cabinet Meeting'... and I KNEW I had to get to animating, with. So instead of a usual storytime video, how about an Among Us x Hamilton music parody called Emergency meeting? Hope you enjoy!

Among Us Gameplay over on:

Major thanks to:
PJ (Vocals) - @PantslessPajamas
Fara (Vocals + Lyrics) -
Bella Drawson (BG Artist) -
Becky (BG Artist) -
NuNu91011 (BG Artist) -
Silva Hound (Instrumental -
Hexrin (Animator, Scene 1) -
MashUpArt (Animator, Scene 2) -
Abnormal Chaos (Animator, Scene 3) -
KaiPie (Animator, Scene 4) -
Lupa (Animator, Scene 5) -
Skaleigha (Animator, Scene 6) -


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