Aqara like Cube with Home Assistant - DIY

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I stumbled upon the #Aqara cube recently and liked the idea so much that I almost bought it. But what put me off what the fact I needed to purchase an Aqara hub separately and I was not going to start installing a whole new system for one little gadget, especially that I've been using #HomeAssistant for a couple of years now and I have all my devices and automations run through it.

For hardware components, 3D source files, wiring diagrams, libraries, code walkthrough and line by line explanation, check out the article:

So instead of buying it, I set up to build my own magic #cube that listens to movements and sends actions to Home Assistant in order to run my favourite automations.

In this video, I provide a step by step guide on how to build your own magic cube using an #ESP32 and a couple of others components. It's a little #DIY project you can build over the weekend.

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