Auschwitz survivors comment outside trial venue

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Lueneburg - 21 April, 2015
1. Auschwitz survivor and witness at trial Hedy Bohm and her daughter Vicky walking
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Hedy Bohm, Auschwitz survivor and witness at trial:
"We expected, we knew that he was, that he admitted it, amongst all the things that happened there. It was emotional."
3. Former Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening at his lunch break
4. Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor walking
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Eva Kor, Auschwitz survivor:
"That's the best that he can do with his mind and his body because he has a lot of difficulties physically and I'm sure emotionally and mentally. He had to think all other things he remembers so I think that in one respect maybe when I'm that old or functioning at that level he is doing his very best. It's a very long day for him."
6. Various of Groening on lunch break
7. Eva Pusztai-Fahidi, survivor and witness, walking
8. Hedy Bohm entering trial venue
9. People entering trial venue after lunch break
Survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp said they felt emotional as the trial of a former camp guard opened on Tuesday.
Oskar Groening, 93, acknowledged on Tuesday that he bears a share of the moral guilt for atrocities at the camp, but told judges at the opening of his trial that it is up to them to decide whether he deserves to be convicted as an accessory to murder.
Groening acknowledged having helped collect and tally money as part of his job dealing with the belongings stolen from people arriving at Auschwitz.
That earned him the moniker "Accountant of Auschwitz."
Groening testified that he volunteered to join the SS in 1940 after training as a banker, and served at Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944.
He didn't mention directly participating in any atrocities and said he unsuccessfully sought a transfer after witnessing one.
He could face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison if found guilty.
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