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Brawl Stars Is a Multiplayer game which have different Map/Event have their own goal to achieve in order to win.

Such as:
(Gem Grab):Where 3v3 fights against each other to collect the team who get 10 gems first wins.

(Showdown): A battle royal where you fight with other teams to survive at the end to win.

(Heist):A 3v3 match where each team have to destroy the safe of other team to win the match.

(Bounty):A 3v3 Fights where you have to win stars by killing other opponents the team with more stars at the end wins.

(Hot zone):A 3 v3 Where each team has to capture a zone first before the opponents and try to stop the opponent to capture it.

(Brawl Ball):A 3v3 Where you have to play soccer the who scored 2 goals first wins have to kill opponents and try to stop also some other special events comes time to time.

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Brawl Stars Description:Its a Free Mobile Game available on both Android and iOS

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