BROKEN HEARTS - TikTok Viral Music (Pilipinas Music Mix Official Remix) Techno Disco | Justin Caruso

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A DJ from Philippines!
@Pilipinas Music Mix Official aim to produce a high quality music remix for everyone.
Enjoy, have fun Ka-Pinas!
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Q: Who is/are managing @Pilipinas Music Mix Official
A: ???? I am DJ Jedskie, nice to meet you :)

Q: Where are you from?
A: ???? I am from a small town of Manila, Philippines.

Q: What does @Pilipinas Music Mix Official remix (genre) type?
A: ???? We usually love to make "TECHNO / BOUNCE / BUDOTS / BOMB DISCO REMIX" at a maximum 140 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

Q: How long does it takes to make a Remix music?
A: ???? It usually depend on the type of music, there are music that are hard to mix with, the better the outcome the more time you need. Our Remix usually takes 4 to 8 hours to make, but there are pro DJ's out there that can produce faster. It also depend on the focus, yah know :)

Q: How long does it takes to make your every video?
A: ???? It takes 4 hours or more to complete our every video, because we want a good resolution, adding some music effects and doing some good backgrounds will takes much time and rendering a high quality video estimated time will takes more or less 1 hour. We will try our best to improved our music & video editing as days passed by :)

PS: We really love making music remix, and we love sharing it to everyone, that is why @Pilipinas Music Mix Official existed :)
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We hope to see you on our next music video Tomorrow May 2, 2021.
Stay positive, don't think too much it's bad for your health, stay hydrated and have enough sleep. Keep safe always ka-pinas, because health is truly the wealth ????
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