Building & Testing Spider-Man's Web

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Taking down bad guys and swinging with Spider-Man's web, plus the chemistry and engineering behind it all!
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The artificial silk experiment was inspired by this video from Thoisoi2:

Thanks to the folks at IStunt Academy, check them out here:
Senior: John Smith, Nathan Wheatley
Riggers: Jordan Le Roux, Brendon Groenewald, Steven Roodman
Email: istuntaction@
IG: @istuntacademy
Please note: IStunt Academy follows safe virus response protocols, and the filming in this video was carried out with the necessary precautions.

Ross Kirby:

Assistant Camera and pizza inspector:
Greg Philip Davies:

Jeremy, my awesome brother - please write him some nice "thank you" comments :)

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Main theme & Puzzle theme from Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
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