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With the mandalorian season 2 coming to an end, we can start to roll theories into season 3 if they don’t come true in this last stretch. All of season 2 has revolved around the Jedi and reuniting Grogu with them. With boba, bo katan and Ashoka showing up, I can’t imagine who will arrive next. While I want to see Luke Skywalker again more than anything, I have to say one Jedi I do think could answer the call from Grogu on Tython is Cal Kestis. There are a few reasons that he in particular might come, and I think it’ll make a lot of sense once you reach the end of my explanations. Cal Kestis was a Jedi who survived order 66, this puts him as a possible candidate for knowing who Grogu was, especially seeing as how he was quite young when it happened, around the age of 12. Which makes him 17 once fallen order happens, which is 5 years after revenge of the Sith. I don’t think he was the one who saved Grogu, but they might have known each other, and shared a strong connection. Cal had a power called Psychometry. This was a super rare ability granted to very few Jedi. One other Jedi who had this, was Quinlan Voss who used it in the clone wars. Psychometry is the power of seeing the history of an object upon first touching it. If Cal were to sense the familiarity of Grogu’s presence reaching out on the seeing stone in the force, he would answer the call. He’d arrive on Tython and even though the dark troopers took Grogu to Moff Gideon, and Mando Boba and Fennec had left, all he’d need to do was touch the seeing stone to get a flash of everything that had just happened there. He’d see and feel what Grogu saw and felt. He would go over to the crater of the Razor crest’s remains, and he would touch the scorched earth, only to feel who destroyed the ship that belonged to Din Djarrin. He would sense the urgency of the matter, and he would answer the call of duty. Another reason it could be Cal, is because Jedi Fallen order ended in the beautiful realization that force sensitive children who escaped Order 66 are still out there in the galaxy, and Jedi Fallen Order 2 will basically be that story of him finding these lost younglings and padawans throughout the galaxy.

Cal’s Jedi Master, who unfortunately died, while protecting the young Cal Kestis from the clone troopers, a Lasat male named Jaro Tapal, taught his padawan how to be courageous and focus on the good things in the galaxy, but also how to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. Because of his Master’s teaching, Cal spends his time helping others and trusting in the Force which is what lead him to Jedi Knight Cere Junda and her mission to secretly restore the Jedi Order.

Grogu, is just another lost youngling from Order 66 whom he may have either never found, or, had found and then lost to the inquisitors which we might see later on.

Morgan Elsbeth. During the Clone Wars, her people were massacred. She survived, and let her anger fuel an industry which helped build the Imperial Starfleet. She plundered worlds, destroying them in the process. Could she be in charge of some line of the Kuat Drive Yards. Now check this, one of the artists who did Inosanto's hair and makeup was done by Maria Sandoval. According to Sandoval, Elsbeth was one of the last survivors of Dathomir. Dathomir played a large chapter in Jedi Fallen Order with Merrin. Merrin must have known Elsbeth as well. There are a lot of connections between these people in such a large galaxy that makes me really think Cal could actually show up.

Grogu sits on the seeing stone, which lights up in the ancient runes that we see all throughout Jedi Fallen Order. Like was Grogu saving his progressing and adding to his skill tree atop the stone? The lore being used is one and the same I think, so it actually makes me think, Cal might be just as logical of a Jedi to arrive, than Luke. In fact, maybe even more logical. He could show up in the end, only to help save the day, and name drop master Skywalker, who has sent him to recruit lost force sensitives throughout the galaxy. The only problem is, they’ll have to kill Cal Kestis off before the sequels start, otherwise it’d be too weird with him not around if he ends up being part of the story.

Cameron Monaghan who plays Cal Kestis, would be playing a 40 or 41 year old Cal. A few makeup wrinkles and weathered skin and boom, he’s ready to play the role of Cal. I find it interesting that they made Cal look identical to the actor who played him? This isn’t the most common maneuver in making video games, as actors don’t have to usually match the looks of the character.

I think it was set up nicely for his entrance into The Mandalorian.

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