Canada's Drag Race Finalists Priyanka, Rita Baga and Scarlett Bobo Discuss Their Road to The Finale

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Priyanka, Rita Baga and Scarlett Bobo sit down with Shannon Burns to discuss their road to the Canada's Drag Race Finale, becoming friends along the way, and how they've manifested destiny (and maybe some witchcraft!?) to get there.

The girls talk about how they feel like they've won already through the exposure and opportunities they've had on the show.

Rita talks about the challenge of ending up in the bottom two right near the end, but staying confident.

Priyanka talks about starting to do drag only relatively recently - and feeling like she was lagging behind vs. all the stiff competition on the show.

Priyanka Rita and Scarlett talk about their parents being super supportive and quirky throughout the entire process, and how they've influenced them in their lives.

Priyanka, Rita and Scarlett address some of the judging controversy, and admit that they're actually very proud of the judges, and know that it's a tough business and a tough show. The girls rally against negativity and put their best foot forward.

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