DL-CL2 and DL-CL3 LED Cube Lights from Daytona Light

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Meet Daytona Light's newest cube-style LED lights that will illuminate any dark path for extra visibility. The DL-CL2 is a set of two 5D spot lights with an impressive output for its small size. Drivers can see farther with a highly controlled spot light beam pattern that projects light at a much greater distance than what a standalone lens or reflector design can do. The 5D spot light produces a powerful 2,520 lumens combined from both of the six LEDs on each cube.

To get the best of both worlds, the new 140-degree dual-zone cube light set, the DL-CL3, allows the driver to control the center spot light and side flood lights independently. The light output can be adjusted when and where it is needed for a highly versatile solution that can illuminate an off-road trail, wide-open area, or long dark road. This set of two cube lights produces 2,520 lumens from the 72-watts of combined lighting, with twelve LEDs per cube. The ability to control the spot and flood lights separately make this set ideal for a wide range of driving environments. Visit for more information.

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