Drag Race Holland MAKEOVER Review ????‍♀️ | Hot or Rot? ft. Sederginne!

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Drag Race Holland SNATCH GAME Episode 6 Review and Reaction & MAKEOVER Runway Challenge | Hot or Rot? ft. Sederginne

Today I'm reviewing and giving my reaction to episode 6 of Drag Race Holland: the makeover challenge (It Takes Two) ! Holland's Drag Race is the latest spin off of Rupaul's Drag Race from the NETHERLANDS! Ten dutch queens are competing on the videoland and wowpresents networks for the title of Holland's Next Drag Super Star, and I'm here to give you MY REVIEW and REACTION to our dutch drag queen's first makeover runway! Stay tuned until the end for an exclusive interview with Sederginne!

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00:00 - Drag Race Holland Makeover Challenge Intro
1:31 - Miss Abby OMG Mortal Kombat Makeover
3:57 - Envy Peru Peruvian Mother Makeover
5:02 - Janey Jacke Queen Mother Makeover
6:28 - Chelseaboy Mars Attacks! BFF Makeover
7:52 - Mama Queen Papa Queen Makeover
9:34 - Fred Van Leer
9:48 - Makeover Challenge Winner
10:09 - Janey Jacke vs. Chelseaboy Lipsync
11:03 - Hottest Hot
11:30 - Sederginne and Bussy Queen Interview
12:39 - Sederginne vs. Abby OMG Drama - Real or Fake?
13:23 - Did Sederginne know Abby OMG before drag race?
13:41 - Sederginne Queen Runway
14:48 - How long has Sederginne been doing drag?
15:31 - What happened with Sederginne’s Snatch Game?
16:10 - Was Sederginne happy with their edit?
16:53 - What is Sederginne up to now?
17:39 - Patreon Shoutouts


Hot or Rot?
Hot or Rot is a Drag Race review show hosted by bussy queen. My show is kinda like "toot or boot fashion photo ruview" for Drag Race Holland except I go into more details about the show, react to how the queens perform in the challenge, and provide an alternative opinion! Oh - and I'm your host - BUSSY QUEEN!

This is a Drag Race Holland Runway Review hosted by Bussy the best Drag Race Review on youtube! This series focuses on the drag race holland spinoff, and I review ALL of the runways! Today we review and react to the fifth episode of Drag Race Holland. I go over EACH "It Takes Two Runway" and give you my review and reaction to the episode as a whole including the snatch game!

Drag Race Holland premiered on September 18 on VIDEOLAND and WOWPRESENTS. The season 1 cast includes Miss Abby OMG, Roem Service, Chelsea Boy, Janey Jacke, Mama Queen, Madame Madness, Envy Peru, Sederginne, Patty Pam-Pam, and Megan Schoonbrood.
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