(ENG) Streaming Sims 3 Until...I Don't?? (Sims 3)

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I decided my sims were getting too solution? I donated almost all their cash to charity, made them quit their high end jobs and more than doubled their
My sims will have to earn their next semester at uni! (which is way too easy)
Meanwhile Sam has graciously shared his elixir stash with Lucifer, who can't wait to put them "good" use. Who needs friends anyways, right, Luci?
Sounds like fun and chaos to you? It does to me! Come and hang around for a chat and a laugh, or lurk to your heart's content.

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Streaming Sims 3 with mods and CC. All expansions and most store content are in game. Most sims are based on the characters of the TV show Supernatural, but no knowledge of the plot is required to enjoy the stream gameplay. I have a sarcastic type of humor and will often complain about my sims being idiots :) I am not a pure family friendly streamer, I will on occasion drop the F-word, but am usually not too obnoxious about it. If you enjoy the stream, please consider subscribing to stay up to date with the channel and click the bell icon to recieve a notification whenever I post a video or go live.
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