Every Level Electro Dragon and Lava Hound VS Every Level Inferno Tower | Clash of Clans

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Today we gonna see another epic duel in Clash of Clans! This time electro dragon will compete against lava hound to be the first to defeat max level inferno tower. This is electro dragon and lava hound VS inferno tower. Who will win and become the first one to defeat max level inferno tower? Who is the best 30 housing space troop?

Inferno tower is a formidable defense in Clash of Clans. Inferno in single target mode can charge up and deal massive amount of damage every second to troops. This mode will bring a lot of trouble to troops especially bigger one like golem, lava hound, and dragons. Inferno has decent hitpoint therefore decent durability and can withstand troop attack pretty good especially if the troops is slow and come from far away. In multi target mode it deal constant damage per second.

Electro Dragon is one of the most powerful dragon in Clash of Clans. Electro Dragon also the most expensive dragon too. We need 30 housing space to bring a electro dragon which is pretty expensive but we got powerful dragon ready to fight. It has good damage and durability so overall is great troops, with its chain lightning attack it can be such pain in the neck for any kind of defense (if defenses have a neck). The only weakness of Electro Dragon is its speed, yeah it is super slow.

Lava Hound in the other hand is great tanker and has the biggest hitpoint in Clash of Clans. It can't deal damage (technically it can but doesn't really matter since it's almost zero) but it can endure so many damage. It is a damage sponge and it's done the job well. Not only great durability but when it gone it leaves many Lava Pup ready to destroy anything in front of them and this is the offensive strategy of Lava Hound.

So who's gonna win this epic battle?
Electro Dragon with its chain lightning?
Lava Hound with Lava Pup?
Inferno Tower also has a chance to win.


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