Fatalis GS First Clear ("Black Dragon" Day one) - Build and Playstyle (Frostcraft) | MHW Iceborne

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The first clear I got using Greatsword (GS) with the Frostcraft (FC) set bonus, crit draw oriented playstyle. The run is sloppy I know - it's a tough monster and I actually was trying completely different strats until this run, so this was basically my first try with the altered strategy, and it worked well enough! Gonna improve this run and post a more detailed and commentated matchup guide soon enough, but for now I hope this tides you over!


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Spreadsheet info:

I have a spreadsheet which collects all sorts of data on Monster Hunter World Iceborne that people ask about a lot - things like the materials needed to upgrade the best charms ( handicraft, expert etc), a list of all the guiding land monster drops and gathering nodes (plus it's searchable), what materials you need for every possible augment (attack, affinity, defence, health, slot, element/status) in the game, etc:

It also includes things like a list of ALL the 4 slot decorations (including even the rare 12 ones which ONLY drop from sealed feystones) so you know the best deco's to aim for when farming. It even has detailed images for the guiding land gathering nodes (the one's that drop materials like the guiding dragonbones/crystals etc) which you need for custom weapon upgrades/augments!
My list of guiding land drops can be sorted either by drop type (so it finds the monster to fight for a particular part) or you can use it to just find the parts belonging to any monster (no more pulling your hair out over how to get those Enchanting Finehide/Trancehide for your health augments!). This goes up to and includes the tempered elders (speaking of which, check out my 5 slot tempered investigation farming macro if you haven't already!)
It also has a Safi'Jiiva relic checklist to easily monitor which awakened weapons you're missing from the new siege!

Feel free to point people to this doc if you think they would find the information useful :D
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