Former Nationals MP ‘turns her back on voters, loyalty and her party'

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says former Nationals MP Leslie Williams has turned her back on the voters, on loyalty, on her party, and on being consistent with her political affiliations.

On Sunday Ms Williams announced she was quitting the Nationals Party in a bid to join the Liberals.

Her application to join the Liberal Party was accepted on Sunday evening.

Ms Williams made the switch, citing the Nationals as not the same group she had joined a decade earlier and recent events in parliament over koala protection policy that had cemented her decision to defect to the Liberals.

“The people of Port Macquarie elected a Nat, now they have a Liberal,” Mr Kenny said.

“Did she decide to dig in and try to fix the problems with the Nationals within her party? No, that was apparently too hard”.

“Yes, silly me, talking about loyalty and consistency, in the end, politics is all about numbers.”
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