Halloween Cursed Box Launch Party #presserelease

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Halloween Cursed Box Launch Party

The box goes on sale‪ ‬
The box contains
Great Lakes Lacquer, Baroness X, Fanchromatic, Heathers Hues, Zombie Claw, LynBDesigns and Necessary Evil Polish
ounce Ghost Wax Pumpkin Spice Twist Scented
(all the warm pumpkin pie spice of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and cinnamon hugged with vanilla and brown sugar notes)
$ and free shipping
(shipping in the US, Canada, Russia, Certain areas in Europe and Australia)
a light jelly ring
halloween candy
"Redrum" is a linear holo with black jelly base and red metallic microflakies.
A blood red crelly with a shimmer that shifts green/blue/purple, and a haunting array of
iridescent color-shifting flakies
Lakes Lacquer:
'True Sorrow is as Rare as True Love' is a purple based multichrome with shifts of magenta, red, orange, and gold.
4. Heather's Hues:
Camp Crystal Lake- a holo base with a strong iridescent red-pink-orange-gold shimmer and flakes and a touch of multichrome flakes in violet-pink-gold-green and pink-blue-violet
5. LynBDesigns:
When People Get Desperate, the Knives Come Out- deep plum to clear thermal with red to green to gold shifting UCC flakies, and hints of holo shimmer
6. Necessary Evil Polish
Creeping it Real is a greyed lavender cream with black, orange, green, and holo glitters of various size
7. Zombie Claw
A neon magenta pink with scattered holo, black shards and black holo glitter blend!
Customers also have the option to buy each polish individually at $ a bottle.
The Pumpkin Spice Twist wax will be available at 6 oz for
The Poison Caramel Apple shea butter cold process soap is $ There is only 10 bars so they wont be gifted in the BOX but will be sold individually in the shop. Scent is a warm tart notes of a big red juicy apple dipped in warm, buttery caramel.
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