Halloween Kills: Trailer / Poster Coming Saturday? Halloween 2018 Watchalong!

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We're still waiting on the Halloween Kills Trailer and Halloween Kills Poster but there's a Halloween 2018 watch along this weekend with David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis so that's cool.


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In case you guys haven’t already seen on Twitter, this Saturday Blumhouse is hosting a Twitter watchalong of Halloween 2018.
This Saturday which is May 16th at 12:45PM pacific time, David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis along with John Carpenter, Jason Blum, Nick Castle, Judy Greer and James Jude Courtney will be hosting it through the #HalloweenAtHome hashtag.
They’ve done a couple of these since quarantine started and it seems like the way it’s working is confusing some people so what you need to know is you need to already have your own copy of the movie and at 12:45 this Saturday you hit play on it.
If you’re following the Halloween Kills account you’ll be able to see David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis’ commentary and if you’re following the other people I just listed, you’ll be able to watch along with them as they talk about the movie.
I’m actually really excited about this because a lot of you know that I was pretty bummed out that there wasn’t a director’s commentary on the blu ray for Halloween 2018 but now that’s exactly what we’re getting.
And since Halloween Kills is basically done and they’re probably looking forward to Ends I feel like they could maybe drop some hints on what’s important to pay attention to.
Hell, maybe they’ll give us a little bit of a clue as to how Michael is actually able to escape the fire in Laurie’s basement as that’s the one big question everyone’s still kind of scratching their head on.
There’s also going to be a post-viewing commentary from them and a lot of people are taking that to mean we might be seeing a trailer drop for Halloween Kills.
I don’t want to be a downer or anything but I doubt that’s going to happen.
Someone on Twitter asked Ryan Turek for an update last week because the last thing we heard was Jason Blum saying “soon” which again, I think is fair since it’s been over a month and I feel like “soon” covers a timeframe of about that.
Ryan responded saying “The movie opens in October. We are still in May. From film to film, marketing strategies change. There’s a different plan for this one. But stuff is in the works.”
To be totally real with you guys, I see where he’s coming from here. I don’t think he really deserves to be hounded day in and day out
On top of that, we’re really not too far removed from how things worked with Halloween 2018.
The poster for that movie released on April 19th, 2018 which if you watched my last video is why a bunch of people spread the completely false rumor that we’d get the Kills poster around then and the trailer a few weeks later.
Since we’re past the point where we got the poster in 2018, I think that’s about the most we’ll see coming out of this Twitter watch party.
The first trailer for Halloween 2018 didn’t release until June 8th, 2018 so I think at the very earliest, that’s when we’re going to see the trailer for Halloween Kills plain and simple.
Unfortunately everything is still so touch and go on when movie theaters will be open in the biggest markets and whether or not they’ll be able to support full capacity by the end of the year that I totally get where Universal and Blumhouse are coming from holding it back.
Because like I’ve been saying this whole time, if they drop the teaser in June and then the full trailer in, like, August and they end up delaying the movie a full year to 2021 that would be terrible for everyone involved.
And I think there is still a very REAL possibility that the movie is going to get delayed until 2021 and Halloween Ends to 2022 because Universal reserved a release spot for an untitled Blumhouse Productions Project for October 14, 2022.
Obviously we know that Halloween Ends is titled but if they decided to delay it all the way until then there’s no way they wouldn’t just use a placeholder until they were positive about everything.
And just to be clear, because of the pandemic I think Halloween Ends will be delayed out of next year even if Ends isn’t.
They haven’t started shooting it yet and getting that many people together around the end of the Summer to shoot a movie doesn’t seem like a safe investment on Universal’s part so I wouldn’t be too shocked if they just pushed it back a year and released it in 2022.
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