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Today i got the Arcane Dragon (in my Second account) after Hatched Legendary Virgo Dragon in Sinister Halloween Castle Event also Hatched out the sinister dragon
The New Sinister Quests (Castle Event) Event start and Event duration is 10 Days
Complete below Level & win Rewards and New dragons
Castle event reward
Level 1 = 3 Dragon Card pack
Level 2 = 25 Gems
Level 3 = 350 Season points
Level 4 = one Rare Chest
Level 5 = Muerte Dragon
Level 6 = Sinister Dragon
Collect all 22 Dragons Piece for Eyeball Dragon

Head into the spooky forest in search of the brand-new Sinister Dragon. You'll also be able to unlock the Muerte Dragon, or collect the Eyeball Dragon from the event's chests.
Collection Event
Hatch the Sinister, Eyeball and Virgo Dragons to unlock the Arcane Dragon in this special collection event.
Blitz Breeding
Race against the clock and use the Muerte Dragon and the Tree Dragon to breed the Legendary Virgo Dragon.

Oct 30 - Nov 2: 2x Power Boosters
For this weekend, clan members will earn double Power Boosters from every Clan Quest completed.

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Have You Got Arcane Dragon-Dragon Mania legends | Virgo Hatched | DML
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