How to monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense ads

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How to monetize your Blogger Blog by linking Google AdSense

Blogger is Google's free blogging platform. You can monetize your eligible Blogger blog by associating an AdSense account. If you don't already have an AdSense account, it just takes a few clicks to apply.

1. Sign in to Blogger (), and open your blog's Earnings tab
2. Click "Sign up for AdSense"
3. Sign in to the Google account you use for AdSense
4. Complete the AdSense association or application process
5. Customize the ad layout on your blog's Earnings tab and Layout

If you applied for a new AdSense account the application process can take up to several weeks.

Get detailed instructions for linking your Blogger blog to AdSense:

If you have a Hosted AdSense account created from YouTube, you need to upgrade for AdSense for Content before you can place ads on your own website or blog:

AdSense Eligibility Requirements

AdSense Program Policies

AdSense Ad Placement Policy

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