Injustice 2 BATMAN LONG Halloween Movie Cast Discussion

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Injustice 2 VS Batman vs Catwoman! The Kwings are looking at Injustice 2 again for a limited time. Today we discuss the cast for the upcoming Animated Batman Movie the Long Halloween Part 1 & 2 starring Jensen Ackles (Red Hood) as Batman! Naya Rivera plays Catwoman, Josh Duhamel is Harvey Dent & Troy Baker is The Joker!

Batman The Long Halloween is based on the Graphic Novel of the same Name. In the story Batman has to stop a Holiday Killer from bumping off People in Gotham during different Holidays. It's a classic Who Done it Murder Mystery with a HUGE Twist at the End! The Film is RUMORED to release Part 1 this Spring & Part 2 around October 30th.

What do Amber & I think about the upcoming Batman film? Watch to find out!

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