Office Depot ‘Karen’ Public Freakout: Compares anti-mask shopping to hijab discrimination

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Office Depot ‘Karen’ compares shopping without mask to hijab discrimination, please subscribe

I mean the fact that she’s comparing the employee wearing a “hajeeb” to her not wearing a mask. If you want to stay up to date on viral stories like these, please hit that subscribe button below.

A maskless Karen inside Office Depot compares her rights to shop in a store without a mask to a woman wearing a hijab.

The videos were posted by TikToker and Office Depot employee @zooba2001. The caption read, “Karen Alert I’m so peeved that she had the AUDACITY to compare my hijab to her ‘right’ not to wear a mask.”

The user uploaded two videos of the interaction between two employees and the woman, who continued to argue it was her right to shop without a mask and called the sheriff when she wasn’t allowed to make a purchase. The customer begins to rant about how she deserves fair and equal treatment because of religious and medical exemptions that allow her to not wear a mask. The irate lady mispronounces the word hijab as “hajeeb” as she gestures to the woman filming.

In response to commenters’ questions about the situation ended, zooba2001 uploaded a second video. In the clip, the customer is apparently speaking on the phone with a sheriff and explaining that the store refused service to her because she is not wearing a mask inside.

I have to applaud the employees’ calm response to the customer. Zooba showed grea restraint and patience in the face of disrespect. I would’ve snapped. A hijab is completely different than a mask. A mask is to save lives not for religious purposes. And she said medical AND religious. I mean, the way she has no idea what she’s even trying to say. This is so embarrassing. There are no medical exemptions for masks. At this point, I feel like people are bored and trying to create drama. Stay home if you can’t wear a mask for 20 minutes. Regardless of wearing a mask or not, literally any store has the right to refuse service anyway.

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Office Depot ‘Karen’ compares shopping without mask to hijab discrimination, please read
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