One Young World: Gender Equality | Full Panel Discussion | Oxford Union Web Series

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Gender Equality is an insidious global challenge which has yet to be successfully tackled. Despite false narratives of equal opportunity and closing income gaps, a pernicious exclusion of women from political and professional positions of power persists. Equally striking is the lack of tangible progress made on dismantling toxic masculinity and its far reaching consequences. Where have the MeToo and TimesUp movements gone? Has fourth wave feminism focused too narrowly on identity politics and overlooked the global lack of legal, economic and political rights and opportunities that still plague so many communities?

This panel will bring together global experts and platform the work and expertise of One Young World Ambassadors- young leaders who are on the frontlines of this challenge across the globe. The discussion will focus on how we can face this challenge in 2021 to effectively secure Gender Equality in the public arena in the eyes of the law, in the workplace and in government.

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