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friends i luv u and i luv all ur parties i wish i had the energy to love them more but this is my anthem
btw my EP comes out in a month and a bit nevah forget

that book i am reading is my friend Kati's book on mental health and is actually very helpful lol you can get it here!

everyone has gone to a party
and I didn’t want to go
I just want to stay in my bedroom
I’m antisocial and lazy I know

yet another festive themed one
it would be the fourth this month
I think i’m just gonna say that i’m sorry
I can’t make it please don’t think that i’m blunt

It’s just so cold outside
I’m fragile and tired
oh, I just want a night to myself
and though my step count is pathetic
I’m just not feeling energetic
and you might think i’ll be bummed that I didn’t go
try tell me while I’m in the bath and drinking alone

everyone has gone to a party
and I didn’t want to go
I’m just gonna eat and watch netflix
I’m antisocial and lazy I know

I can’t tell if i am self caring
or is this part of an issue that’s deep
but i’m gonna have a much better time tonight
if i stay in the warm and get some sleep for UK and EU tour tickets, EP preordering etc etc etc

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my music is on all platforms like Spotify and iTunes! Just type in "dodie".

I wrote a book about mental health and the lessons I've learned on how to deal with it. Also other things:

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