Plague Deniers - Mask Off

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Read my lips! I’m not putting on your muzzle
I’d rather be bludgeoned to death with a fucking cudgel
Quit your talking about huddling in your stupid social bubble
If you put that shit on me, then I’ll leave you in a puddle
Of your own blood, get back in your place
You try to make me one of you but that just ain’t the case
All you sheep watching porn, almost the whole human race
But I don’t want to see your bodies, just show me your face

Mask off!
Take your mask off
Mask off!
Take your mask off

The face shows the soul, and the soul contains the proof
That you’re a real human being, but you stay so aloof
That I could never tell, seeking shelter under the roof
Of your pride, you say you want to save lives? That ain’t the truth
Because love kills fear, idiots make no mistake
If your love is full of fear, then your love is fucking fake
No more hypocrisy, no more half sleeping, half awake
If you want to see reality, then all you have to do is take your mask off!

I don’t care what you think, I don’t care if you take shots on me
Or if you’re pissed, I don’t care if you call the cops on me
Or if I get arrested, I don’t care if I get in jail
I’m not the state’s bride and I’m not putting on the wedding veil
Shut up Trudeau, your talking points are getting stale
Leave us alone, or rest assured I’ll soon be setting sail
Cause I’m not your bride, I’m not putting on your wedding veil!

Zarathustra descends, in a chariot of wind
With a glass frown and a trembling quaver
Raising his hands, bloody and sick blue, he shakes:
“The mouth is just a wound, the tongue a shovel”
Thus, the demons double down, driven to clockwork industry
By the heartbeat pulse of the prophet’s guttural cry
And the declaration is made
“All mouths are to be sealed with stiches
So speech is blanketed, and kisses are self-adjourned”
Later we gather at the river and grope together
Hollow and healed, with tears of peace flowing
To form an independent stream
That travels east, soon to stagnate
And then evaporate from the earth
Rising like incense
Through endless halls of air
Age after age
For eternity
Back to the One

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