(Pokemon Nekoama Comic Dub) - The Incredi-Buh Journey! [Part 4]

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How much trouble could the gang possibly get into by taking a poor lost Spinarak home? Lets hope not a lot!

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Comic by Nekoama. Go and check the artist out! -

Special thanks to Cas VoiceActs for voicing Bulbasaur! -

Special thanks to Nullify VA for voicing Totodile! -

Special thanks to Tinni Toast for voicing Chikorita! -

Special thanks to SellBell for voicing Spinarak! -

I voiced Cyndaquil by the way!

I'm a Poketuber/Voice Actor who just really loves making goofy and stupid Pokemon videos, whether it be comic dubs of lets plays. Thank you for watching my content, hopefully you like it enough to subscribe and share my content :)

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