Porsche 718 GT4 - Soul Performance Race Exhaust Demo

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00:00-00:03 - Exhaust Idle
00:15 - 2k (x3), 4k (x3), 5k (x3) Revs
00:50 - 6k (x3) Revs (Rolling)
01:03 - Normal Driving, Shifts at RPM
02:30 - Moderate Throttle, Shifts at 5k RPM
03:41 - Aggressive Throttle, Shits at 8k RPM
06:36 - Launch Control With Traction On
06:56 - Launch Control With Traction Off
07:12 - 8k Revs (Rolling To Defeat 5k Redline)

It's time for version 2 of the GT4 exhaust! I put on the Soul Performance Race Exhaust System that replaces the over axle pipes with their race over axle pipes (Single muffler exit vs dual exit). This removes the Porsche stock muffler section, and adds the resonated Soul Performance rear section. Let's get to the point, this is meant for a race car and you'll get an exhaust drone. The most drone seems to be from RPM range. I like the tone and volume of this, but the resonance you get in low RPMs makes it impractical for every day use.

Next up we'll add the competition headers to the race exhaust to get the ultimate race car sound from the 718 GT4.

Check out soul performance here:

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