Raditz TRAINS Kakarot! | Dragon Ball Multiverse | PART 36

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In Universe 13 (realm of the Super Saiyans), after Raditz retrieves his brother from Earth, he finds not all is right with the wayward

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Chapter 72 - Universe 13 Origins - The father

Chapter 72 - Universe 13 Origins - The father

Johan Dark
Chapter 50 - Universe 13, Two Brothers

The Whole Other - Incoming Transition
PokéMixr92 - Moro's Theme
Audionautix - Horror Music
Doug Maxwell - Wild Fires
Media Right Productions - Jazz In Paris
PokéMixr92 - King Vegeta
Anno Domini Beats - Still Standing
Sir Cubworth - Gothic Vigilante
MajinBlue - Sinister Crush

Biocide - System (outro)

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