Real Time Web Series: Episode 18- Saves TMD FTC

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The Real Time Web Series is a process video meets oral history podcast. It features past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand and abroad. The video captures the real time working process of a piece from start to finish accompanied by answers to questions that have been created by the online audience, and features contextual images throughout the artists career.

"When you encounter someone, you encounter stories" (Saves, 2020).

In this episode, we feature the story of graffiti veteran Saves TMD FTC from Auckland, New Zealand. Formally known as Days52 and Dyle52, we explore a graffiti writing career that spans nearly 25 years. I feel privileged to share his unique perspective and for all the graffiti heads out there, and new schoolers in the scene, this one is for the history books. With a whopping 90 minutes of raw content and over 200 images from the vault, we explore how he found his voice in graffiti, the past and present Auckland graffiti scene, experiences travelling, transitioning into fine arts, and some practical approaches to his painting process.

For those watching for the first time, the Real Time Web Series aims to promote, document, and share New Zealand graffiti to a global audience. On the odd occasion we are able to sneak special guests from other countries. One of the key objectives is to capture the oral history of a mostly ephemeral and informal art form to educate future generations. The RTWS is not your typical hardcore graffiti action and is instead, slowed right down. If you can endure the full length of each episode, you will be sure to learn an alternative perspective to graffiti beyond your own viewpoint.

BEST QUALITY IN 1080HD and with headphones.

Producer and interview: Berst GBAK TMD @Berst_1
Artist and photos: Saves TMD FTC @benjaminwork @the_most_dedicated
Music: SOFE beats @
Special thanks: @Ironlak
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