Suicide Note: A Poet’s Journey Through Depression | PBS Short Docs

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Poet AKeem Rollins shares the story behind his viral slam poetry piece, “Suicide Note.”

At age fourteen, AKeem was kicked out of his home for coming out as gay, and as a result, faced bullying, homelessness, and depression. After receiving emergency mental health care, he finished writing “Suicide Note” and has since become a vocal mental health activist.

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This film is part of the #WellBeings "Out of the Dark" docuseries showcasing the inspiring personal stories of the most influential youth activists in the mental health space. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the struggles each overcame, the impact of their work, and their continued mental health journeys. Learn more at

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“Final Light” by George Georgia
“Veil Of Maya” by Robert Northcott

Additional Footage Provided By Micah Autry at Aume Production, Harry Eaddy at Denton Black Film Fest, Spencer Brownstein, and Sam Van Cook at Button Poetry

Special Thanks to AKeem Rollins

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