Super Baby 2 WILL DOMINATE Dragon Ball FighterZ!!

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Super Baby 2's showcase happened earlier today and was absolutely INSANE! This character has GOD TIER Neutral and will likely dominate dragon ball fighterZ! Let's breakdown his moveset and his gameplan to understand just how crazy this character is!

Links in the description aren’t working, so check out this pinned comment!

Super Baby 2 showcase -

Top 10 Best C Assists -

Intro - 0:00
Normals - 0:42
Ki Blasts - 2:41
Specials - 4:51
Gimmicks - 6:52
Supers - 8:44
Assists - 10:31
Combos and Loops - 11:43
Final Thoughts - 12:30

When getting a PC, I def took for granted all the presets and saved features I installed on my Mac over the past two years!

Audio quality wasn’t up to my standards in last nights’ video editing felt super foreign and clunky.

Once it smooths out tho it’s gonna be so worth it ????
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