The 15 Most Savage Goku Moments In Dragon Ball

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The Times Goku Was An Absolute Savage In Dragon Ball

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Despite his goofy demeanor and severe lack of common sense, Goku has shown that he can be an absolute savage on occasion. Be it because he shows off without actively trying or because he can get rather playful in a fight. No matter the reason, Goku has pulled some savage moves all throughout Dragon Ball, from the original series to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Some examples of Goku’s savagery as a kid come from the Pilaf Saga when he first turned into a Great Ape, in the Red Ribbon Army Saga when he took down Muscle Tower and in the King Piccolo Saga when he killed the eponymous villain.

Fast forward to Dragon Ball Z and Goku continued to be an absolute savage, defeating Nappa in the Saiyan Saga, going Super Saiyan in the Frieza Saga and revealing Super Saiyan 3 in the Buu Saga. Even in Dragon Ball Super, Goku continued to show he’s a badass, since he took on Beerus as a Super Saiyan God, pushed Super Saiyan Blue to new levels and mastered Ultra Instinct in the Universal Survival Saga.

Suffice to say, Goku is full of savage moments, even if his dimwitted exterior suggests otherwise. From the Red Ribbon Army saga to the Buu Saga and everything in between, Goku has proven time and time again that he can be one savage dude, so check out the video to see some of the most savage Goku moments in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.


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