Tricks or Treats?! Halloween Live Stream with Dragon Claw Games!

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???? What is this game? ????
This is our REAL SEGA UFO catcher claw machine we play LIVE to give away prizes! The game is set up with a bowl of ping pong balls and a takoyaki maker with a single slot marked as a "winning" slot. The bowl of ping pongs balls include a mix of plain white balls (unnumbered) and numbered colored balls. The goal is to pick up ping pong balls and drop them into the takoyaki maker. If a colored numbered ball lands in the colored slot, that ball wins! But if a white ball lands in the winning slot, no one wins! D:

You must be 13+ years or older per Youtube's ToS
If you are a minor, do not play without your parent/guardian's permission!

???? Rules and How To Play ????
????Type !join to play!
????Watch the chat for your number - It'll be from DCGBot.
????If you type !join and do not get a number, you either missed the queue, or the queue is full. Try again next game!
????Kick back and relax and watch the stream!
????If a WHITE BALL wins - no one wins, and we start over.
????If a number wins that is UNCLAIMED, for example, number 50, but only 45 people joined - no one wins, and we start over!
????If your number WINS - you WIN! Declare you are the winner in the chat! ❗You MUST say in chat that you are the winner, to the effect of "I am Number #" - if you say nothing, you won't get your prize!
????We'll work out how you'll send us your info in the stream. Prizes ship every few weeks.
????Once the game ends, we will announce when the queue reopens. You will need to type !join again for a new number, and the new game begins!

???? Points and Other Things ????
???? *** Points are currently not being used in our streams.
????Every $1 superchat will remove 1 white ball from the game! Your generous donations make it easier for everyone to win! (Superchats are ALWAYS OPTIONAL - this is our way of giving back to the whole stream for your generosity!)
???? The "BEAN ROUND" - When all white balls are removed, we activate the "Bean Round" - all white balls are no longer losers, but winners!
???? During Bean Round, a white ball is re-added to the game for every $ donation. If that white ball wins, we pick a random winner AND the game continues! Also, Kevin has to eat something SPICY!
???? BINGO! - The pilot of the stream will have a bingo card they play by themselves - if one of us gets BINGO, we automatically pick an INSTANT WINNER in the stream!

Note we reserve the right to deny a prize to anyone for any reason, even if they win, at our discretion. This game is free to play, and our prizes are shipped at our expense to you FOR FREE. Please be courteous and friendly in our streams!

Please be mindful when you decide to play, if you live far away from USA, you are responsible for any additional customs fees for your package. We are not responsible if your country's customs charges you! If you would prefer a virtual prize instead, please let us know. Additionally, if we're unable to send you a package due to cost, or if your country is unavailable for us to ship, we will opt to send you a virtual prize. Thanks!


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And we
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Kirby Win Animation drawn by ShadowLifeman
Used with permission
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